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Meet Hamz'a Family!

Hamza is 5 years old and has just started kindergarten. Hamza is a very curious and energetic boy. Having a lot of energy, Hamza is constantly getting into trouble. He loves to ask questions and learn more about Islam. He loves to be the center of attention and has a wild imagination. He looks up to his big brother Ali and is very close to his older sister, Aisha. Each day is an adventurous day for Hamza and he is always learning something new.

Papa is an engineer and works for the city at the water treatment facility. Papa is a very devoted husband and father and is also very active at the local mosque. He loves to spend time with the family and play with the children. Papa is an easy going dad and leaves all the disciplining of the kids to Mama.

Mama is a stay-at-home mom and makes sure that Hamza stays out of trouble each day. She loves to cook and spend time teaching her children more about Islam. She is a very patient person and is known for her generosity. Mama is constantly making sure the kids are doing their homework.

Ali is Hamza’s older brother and is 13 years old. Ali is in grade eight and likes to play video games and sports. He is very independent and doesn’t like when Hamza is always following him around, especially while his friends are visiting. Ali is always trying to keep Hamza out of his room and from getting into his things. However, he loves his little brother very much and protects him.

Aisha is Hamza’s older sister and is 11 years old. Aisha is in grade six, and loves to go to school. She is a very bright student and is always getting good marks. She likes to collect stamps and is an avid book reader. She is also very close to Mama and helps her a lot around the house with the daily chores.

Hamza's Family

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